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Aida Bardissi 

cross-pollination is when i translate
arabic into a kiss

(         i miss the orangepeel 
of your               kiss
slow and purposeful
how we’d try to tear the rind off
with one touch.               sorry it
didn’t work out —             unripe skins
cling to pith like a haunting.
i still smell your skin sometimes
when the air is quiet.                    i think of you.
(wallah) i do. 
i still silence my arabic so that you can understand me
but you are no longer in the room. 

                             (i’m scared you’ll be a soft spot forever

while you were away                                                
i practiced saying nice to meet you                       in the mirror
another root(ed)              word we share:                                        
ممنون meaning: grateful                              meaning:                      
it was nice                                      to have met you             meaning:
you revived my rotted roots                      meaning:            ))

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