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Álvaro Calfucoy Gutiérrez, translated by the Editors

Chonkituyüm inchiw


There is nothing lovelier
than your drowsy voice
than your half-open eyes
resting upon my chest.

                   If you knew
how your sighs caress
the sorrow of my days like stones
in endless water. 

Fill püle yeafeyu, ayün,
yeafun an’ay tami lelin
tami kimafiel wallontu mapu
tayu azümafiel chem am ta ruka.


Trepelayaymi an’ay
kuñituan inche mi pewma
newentualu mi kalül femngechi
trepekalelu ina mi piwke inche.

1: When we sleep

2: I’d carry you everywhere, my love / I’d even carry your sight / so you may know the world / so we might know it as our home. // I will not wake you / I’ll stand guard over your dream / making you strong / keeping vigil with your piwke. 


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