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Álvaro Calfucoy Gutiérrez, translated by the Editors



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Tañi kimael walle
küpan müten.


           iney nu kimniefun
niewelan ta mapu ñi wiñoael mew
epe kimnielan ñi reñmawen.


Katripache reke
pikun Fiwfiw tuwlu,
welu küllfün mülepan
ñi nentuael kuyfi newen.


Epe kom weza tripale
epe kom weluñmale
ayiwkülechi amutuafun.


Tañi kimael walle,
Santiaw ngewenolu,

1: Lineage

2: It was to see the walle and nothing else / that I came here. // I came to be sick / I came to be alone / I didn’t know anyone / here / I have no land to return to / I hardly know my kin. // Boldly I came / as a migrant from the north of the Bío-Bío River / to draw from the ancient newen. // And if everything goes wrong / and all is ruined / I’ll still return happy / having seen the walle / that no longer grow in Santiago. // This is why I came.



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