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Álvaro Calfucoy Gutiérrez, translated by the Editors

The Star of Arauco

That’s the one, the one
you see in your reflection
all of it, yes all of it
                                 is you.
nothing beyond its edges
a shirt a tie a vest 
and to the classroom you go. 
Sing Don Eusebio’s anthem, my child.
His song is important.
Sing and sing and love
the red of blood. You must 

hate the other reds of other blood
foreign to this lonely star.
It’s okay. 
Anyway, you of this lineage,
tell me of chicha and chueca and guenechén
of Lautaro and military strategy
tell me that it’s all welcome 
in the generous borders 
of the Chilean state. 

                                    Tiki tiki ti
                                    I’ll bring you some bread
                                    Tralka tralka tra
                                    and shoot you in the head.

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