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Mateo Perez Lara

Tremble Totem

The monster is right behind you, don’t turn around

remain trapped
almost pieces
pieces trapped
remain almost I wane
I’ve been building my bravery
up in this room
just a blue light
blue-lipped, your seeding
crushing my shrunken-in abdomen
how tender yet you still, like all cis men
want to fuck so rough, I haven’t slept
in 5 days, the vine is bricked, twined
across my back, so furious, twisting
an octopus of hands, is
entangling me, I can’t wish
or say, this trap left me in
almost desire, a gap gaping
I conjured, I concurred to
twist into your heat, your slur
your buried misunderstanding, inflections
expecting me to shave-off your edges
expecting me to fear you, obey you.

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