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Mateo Perez Lara



there, at the precipice I take one last           
wield vulnerable flesh knives, I think             
souls to the highest bidder, us                         
need// god coax it out // our sticky                 
crown set atop a cliff, they wear their                         
mother says tell the truth about how I                         
my cousin after he molested me, I                         
was a lamp rubbed // rubbed, the genie                         
me // one last truth // one last care // it                         
wish // I couldn’t say it // my grandma,                         
each gnarled hand on each naïve body                         
believed more in God, I would pray more // set myself on fire // cleanse // cut // rip sin  be rid of
this humiliation, be rid of                    this          constant       anguish.


glimpse: we rove // writhe through one another

blood only rubied-gem in the hand when we sold

swallowed silent, this sinuous affair, clenched fists

nightmare // I envy people without abusers, and a

crowns on their heads I ate mine in the womb my

spoke to my uncle after he abused me, I spoke to

found a crown, smashed, I did not know protection

comes out // I wanted to tell how their faces haunt

follows me everywhere, a stain // I wanted to make a

my mom will not talk to my abusers, I think about

// what everyone says // does // do // did // and if I

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