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Mohja Kahf

Audio Footage as Special Forces Storm Demonstrators Sanctuaried in the Omari Mosque, Daraa (23 March 2011)

                                        This poem is a translation of a man’s shouting (starting at minute 2:12) as the Assad regime fires at protesters in the early days of the Syrian Revolution.

Some of you have honor—don’t shoot
You have brothers, sisters—don’t shoot
We are just people here—don’t shoot


Your mothers, fathers, in your town
We’re like them, they could be us—don’t shoot
Don’t think you live alone on this earth


The earth is big enough for us all
You have no right to take it all
The earth is big. Don’t shoot


[Where did he go?  After him!  This way
Where does the bastard live? Catch him
Go! And bring me his camera

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