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Yuan Changming

Lesson One in Chinese Character/s:
a Bilinguacultural Poem about Heart

:/gan/ perception takes place

                                    when an ax breaks something on the heart

: /men/ depressed whenever your heart is
                  shut behind a door
忌:/ji/ jealousy implies

                                           there being one’s self only in the heart

悲:/bei/ sorrow comes

                                        from the negation of the heart

惑:/huo/ confusion occurs
               when there are too many an ‘or’ over the heart
忠:/zhong/ loyalty remains
                    as long as the heart is kept right at the center
恥:/chi/ shame is the feel
                    you get when your ear conflicts with your heart
怒: /nu/ anger influxes when slavery
                   rises from above the heart
愁: /chou/ worry thickens as autumn

                                                                          sits high on your heart

忍:/ren/ to tolerate is to bear a knife
                        straightly above your heart
忘: /wang/ forgetting happens
                                     when there’s death on heart
意: /yi/ meaning is defined as
                      a sound over the heart
思: /si/ thought takes place
                            within the field of heart
恩: /en/ kindness is

                                                         a reliance on the heart

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