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Mario Obrero, translated by Katherine M. Hedeen
and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

Labor Day

With apologies to August Spies Adolph Fischer Albert Parsons Louis Lingg and George Engel Labor Day in the United States is perfect for going to second-hand stores and the supercenter to buy white socks and a pan to keep beans in look through the Christmas section the brownies with the U.S. flag on them come home surrounded by brown plastic bags to watch the national rodeo championship heat up day-old pizza

go back to the tv watch Worst Cooks in America cereal for dessert eat at an Italian place in Marietta sweet tea and chickpea salad with the Smiths go to their garage to eat cake and ice cream surrounded by tools gym equipment industrial washing machines above the bar wedding pictures bottles of Tennessee whisky a leather reclinable sofa and a cross on the tv in the background the Shark Week special a deer head trophy on the stairs timid the confederate flag

take off your boots talk about the deals at the supercenter with a resounding smile there were brownies with the U.S. flag on them oh yeah brownies and pumpkin muffins buy an extra-large peanut butter shake and on the lips of the foreigner ring the verses from “The Internationale.”

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