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“Libres.” Arpillera by Marta Zúñiga González

Volume 1

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Abigail George
        Gus Ferguson

Aida Bardissi
        cross-pollination is when i translate arabic into a kiss
Alberto Martínez-Márquez
          Paradojas soñadas en la orfandad del espejo
          Sonata del interior del olvido

Alicia Montero
     translated from the Spanish by Leonora Simonovis
        Translator’s Note
        In Spite of the Truth(s) 
        Change o
f Season
        First Person Plural           

Alina Stefanescu
        Celibidache, Your Mahler Has Followed Me
        Extraordinary Premises

Álvaro Calfucoy Gutiérrez
     translated from the Spanish by the Editors     
        Author’s Introduction
        Taiñ mapuzunguam fillke püle 
        Estrella solitaria 
        Bandera 361 
        Chonkituyüm inchiw

Blanca Wiethüchter
     translated from the Spanish by Joaquín Gavilano
        Translator’s Note          
In the Distance

        About Perfection (Portraits from an Exhibition)

Burgi Zenhaeusern
        La tienda qué me pongo
        A certain brightness
        On the desire to be innocent

Chip Livingston
        Las llamadas
        Instruction / Guidance

Chris Andrews
        Ten Bels
        Glow Still

Elidio La Torre Lagares
        noche de dolor en el cuarto de mi madre
        fórmula para el sentido

Elizaria Flores

Eric Abalajon
        First Day

Ernesto González Barnert
        En qué momento la poesía chilena
        Vuelvo al pueblo

Estelle Coppolani
     translated from the French by Vasantha Sambamurti
        Translator’s Note
        The Missing Island
        I remember a river

Genesis Barrera
        Vaquera Espacial

George Zamalea
        Demostración de luz

H. S. Shivaprakash
     translated from the Kannada by the poet
        I Am Your Translator
        Lost and Found in Havana

        Baghdad: A Prayer  

tor Pérez Marcano

Jener Roa-Neira        

Jèssica Pujol Duran
     translated from the Spanish by the poet
        The Barista’s Cycle

Jose Hernandez Diaz
        The Man and the Chihuahua
        The Summer I Was Good Friends With Salvador                        Dalí and Diego Maradona
        The Exquisite Memory

Mariel Norris
        Sin palabras

Mateo Perez Lara
        Tremble Totem

Matthew Wimberley
        Composing the Dark
        Field Recordings
        Photograph, Genius in Horse Shed Discovers Five-to-                   Seven Day TB Test

Meera Parasuraman
     translated into the Tamil by the poet
        Translator’s Note
        The House Has Been Talking to Me Too Much  

Michael Salcman
        Ultimate Disappointment

Michelle Zamanian
        Laura Palmer is my real sister

Mohja Kahf
        Audio Footage as Special Forces Storm             
                 Demonstrators Sanctuaried in the Omari
                 Mosque, Daraa (23 March 2011)

       They Morph in This Moment

       The Brides of Freedom March, 12 November 2012

Octavian Paler
     translated from the Romanian by Cristina A. Bejan
        Translator’s Note
        I’ve Learned 

Pamela Tighe
        El fin de las cosas

Richard Lyons
        Who Gets Lucky?

Rocío Ágreda Piérola
 translated from the Spanish by Jessica Sequeira
        Translator’s Note
        Excerpts from Monster Wooing Madness 

Shalini Rana
          Haibun for Sneh स्नेह
          Diptych: Ganga गंगा

Ștefan Manasia
translated from the Romanian by Clara Burghelea
        Translator’s Note

Sy Brand
        Millrace at Dark

Valentina Deneken Uribe
        15:51 hrs. 
        17:48 hrs.
        19:03 hrs.
        22:20 hrs.
        00:03 hrs.

Vicho Morán
        Pálpito de primavera
        Métrica del instante / Métrica de la primera vez

Yuan Changming
        Lesson One in Chinese Character/s: a 
                 Bilinguacultural Poem about Heart

        Siamese Stanzas: Snowflakes
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