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Maud Lavin

Ladybug: A Love Poem with Sliced Fruit
and Cocoa Powder

I could write about your ass, spherical
Your smooth skin, your scent
Your voice, your accent with twang
Your laugh, easy and sharp.

It’s more than that, you know
I can exist with you, all good.
I’m eating a late-night snack, and
You tell me I’m beautiful.
I stay up into the wee hours and
Sleep late whenever I can, and
You say I work hard.
I put cocoa powder on my sliced fruit
Getting it everywhere, and
You say do we need to order more.
I stick rhinestones above my brow
With eyelash glue, and
You say you like how the light shines.

Thank you, darlin’, with you,
I feel like a ladybug, bringing good luck
Just by being here.

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