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Ren Pike

Objective Questions

Choose a fragment from Column B that best completes Column A. Each fragment may be used only once. This is time-limited. Don’t get paralyzed by indecision. If future stratigraphers find your bones, they will likely still be arguing about clear demarcation of the Anthropocene.

Column A                                                                


     Real men                                                                 

     After things stopped spinning, everyone          
 They tried, but still, each one                            

     The crypt was open and family members         
     Loneliness lingered; it                                              
     They called him Mister, before they                                              
     He liked them best, those who                                              
     First, he whined and then he                                            
     The elephant in the room                                              
     Coffee pot in hand, she                                              
     He dreamt of retirement, even as he                                               
     The conspiracists                                                
     Nobody knows what he meant; his teeth
     The cabin was where they all                                                
     It’s a mystery why she                                                



(a) smelled of death.

(b) trampled all that was.

(c) made a fortune.

(d) picked those last juicy berries.

(e) bashed a way in and killed the heir.

(f) unfurled, one petal at a time.

(g) broke the only key.

(h) poured the wine and smashed the cup.

(i) fucking lied.

(j) furred up like costly felt.

(k) solved the crossword one last time.

(l) loved a good story.

(m) sank into the depths.

(n) failed to notice.

(o) frolicked while the city burned.

(p) made garlands from cherry stems.

Column B

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