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Ileana Negrea, translated by Roxana Cazan

What You Have Down There

is more than itself,
a planet,
an unruly and
undisclosed world,
it is a just society,
an equal society,
it is an outdoor cathedral,
a cookie cutter for life,
a bottom of the ocean
populated by an extra-
terrestrial plankton,
a massive, mighty
neodymium magnet.

What you have down there,
honeyed water,
divinity’s drink of choice,
a central, unrounded vowel
like an unreachable path,
a silk road
binding the sacred
to the fleeting,
bone to body.

What you have down there,
a butterfly,
wide wings
a hankering,
a taste for something,
and a whim,
titillating and triggering,
disturbing the coherence
of light.

What you have down there,
Glagolitic alphabet,
I study it,
I use it to write my name,
I dig in it tenderly
with the tips of my fingers,

my tongue,
in this kinetic sand
where I write
my name
to be last.

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